The exclusive community of interim executives and senior experts in the fields of Regulatory Change, Finance, Risk, Compliance, Sustainable Finance and Data.

ATOMIC: the home for the select frontrunner group of high quality interim executives and senior experts. I am convinced that our clients will reap full benefits of the combined expertise, experience and advanced skill set of the members of our ATOMIC community.
Maarten Rosenberg

ATOMIC is the community of top quality, thoroughly-selected senior interim managers and experts. We carefully select each member by assessing track record, experience, skills and values, allowing us to maintain and deliver according to the highest standards.

We match our experienced financial industry executive professionals with banks, insurers, asset managers and pension funds. Read more about our purpose.


We provide support to our clients within Regulatory Change, Finance, Risk, Compliance, Sustainable Finance and Data.


Our interim managers and experts strengthen our clients with their extensive experience interpreting regulatory requirements.

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We help clients achieve their strategic vision through creating valuable insight in large amounts of data.

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We support organisations by future proofing the existing finance landscape.

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Regulatory Change

We empower our clients to be in control of regulatory driven change initiatives throughout their organisation.

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Our professionals enable our clients to improve their risk management framework and to mitigate organisational impact.

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Sustainable Finance

Our interim executives and senior experts help our clients to incorporate Sustainability at the core of their business.

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